Leadership Team

Greg Lange

Greg Lange

President and Chief Executive Officer

Greg has led M2S as President and Chief Executive Officer since 2010. Greg joined M2S in 2002 as Software Quality Manager and has held senior management positions in research and development, quality and regulatory, sales and marketing and operations.

Prior to joining M2S, Greg conducted orthopedic research at various hospitals across the country. He was also part of a neuroscience research team evaluating the effects of long duration space flight at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Greg received a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, and a Master of Science Degree in Biomechanics from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. He is a 2007 graduate of the Tuck Executive Program at Dartmouth College.

Jeff Lord

Jeff Lord

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff is responsible for all aspects of technology and security at M2S, leading the Research & Development, IT, and Software Quality Assurance teams.

He oversees the company’s technological strategy, including the development and implementation plans, investments, and operational efficiencies.

Prior to joining M2S, Jeff served as CTO of InfoMedics, as well as held senior-level development roles at Inforonics and Cambridge Technology Partners. Earlier in his career, his clients included BlackBaud, Vermont Systems, the Vermont Department of Health, and the North Carolina Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources.

Jeff received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Small Business Management from the University of Vermont.


Kathy Coughlin

Kathryn Coughlin

Director of Clinical Operations

Kathy oversees operations for M2S’s clinical trial image management services.

She joined M2S in 2007, bringing 12 years of experience in R&D, specializing in project management and testing of medical devices. Her efforts resulted in over 35 publications and many product releases.

Kathy received a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Vermont.

Katie Emerson

Katie Emerson

Director of Finance

Katie leads the finance and human resource department at M2S.

She joined the accounting department in June of 2002.

Prior to M2S she worked in the accounting department at Hypertherm. Katie received a degree in accounting from Lebanon College.

Meridith Mitchell

Meridith Mitchell

Director of Business Development

Meridith is responsible for managing the business development strategies at M2S.

She plays a leadership role in strategic planning, professional development, business development, and customer support. Meridith has over 10 years of sales management experience with increasing and diverse levels of responsibility.

Meridith led the launch and commercialization of the PATHWAYS product and developed the sales infrastructure to support its growth.