PEMS longitudinal trackingPEMS provides tracking of patient progress over time with access to measurement data, images, and 3D model downloads for use in Preview.

The secure, cloud-based system is available 24/7 for a complete review of your patients for analysis and monitoring.


  • Longitudinal analysis with standardized measurement data and static 3D images
  • Post-operative monitoring also available with SurveillAAAnce, a low cost, post-operative AAA tracking tool that provides access to 5 critical measurements and notifications based on user-selected variables.
  • Customizable alerts for effective management of every patient’s status
  • Ability to export data for analysis and research
  • Access to Preview 3D interactive study as soon as they are processed by M2S


PEMS Support

If you need assistance with PEMS, please contact us online or call us for immediate support at (603) 298-5509.


Resources available for download