PATHWAYS for Regulators

pathwaysfor Regulators

PATHWAYSTo effectively monitor the safety and efficacy of medical devices, the access to real-world clinical data is vital.

Regulators need methods to provide oversight of healthcare from both high and low levels.


M2S’s PATHWAYS clinical data performance platform offers data collection and reporting tools for comprehensive tracking of medical devices throughout their lifecycle.

PATHWAYS powerful cloud-based platform provides visibility into critical quality performance metrics for monitoring devices and making informed decisions on the use and advancement of medical devices.


  • Improve access to a robust performance management database for post-market surveillance and device monitoring
  • Allow industry to expand the scope of clinical research investigations by leveraging an established network of participants
  • Understand device usage and identify potential needs for IFU expansion
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of products in the real-world
  • Utilize our platform for post-approval monitoring and adverse event reporting, and develop signlas for new devices
  • Empower collaboration and clinical research


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