PATHWAYS for Hospitals

pathwaysfor Hospitals
PATHWAYS Performance Management PlatformHealthcare is changing. Healthcare providers are being asked to do more with less. Hospital administrators need accurate, reliable information faster in order to reduce costs, meet reporting requirements, and remain competitive.

The M2S PATHWAYS platform is currently supporting the Vascular Quality Initiative® (VQI®) on behalf of the Society for Vascular Surgery PSO and the American Venous Forum (AVF), and the NeuroVascular Quality Initiative™ (NVQI™) on behalf of the Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery PSO.

PATHWAYS is an integrated, cloud-based clinical data performance platform which enables administrators and other healthcare stakeholders to make informed decisions on performance standards and costs by providing timely access to critical information on physician and facility performance outcomes.


  • Gain control and visibility into quality performance and healthcare costs through access to key metrics including observed versus expected mortality, complications, and length of stay rates
  • Identify and monitor quality improvement initiatives through real-time benchmarking of physician and center against internal targets and external peers
  • Assess hospital and physician performance to understand potential cost containment initiatives
  • Meet internal and external reporting requirements for quality assurance and pay-for-performance initiatives
  • Achieve efficiency in workflow by consolidating a broad range of specialties into one performance management system
  • Collaborate with other institutions on quality improvement and research projects by utilizing the same system

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