Special Projects for R&D

Complex anatomy modeled and measured

Introducing a new technology, or improving an existing one, requires collecting the right detailed data. We have a staff of seasoned clinical trial measurers alongside our Radiologic Technologists who can model and measure any anatomy to fit your needs.

We leverage our imaging expertise and extensive measurements database to craft custom solutions for you, and we’re experts in modeling and measuring complex anatomy.



Our measuring experts provide:

  • 3D modeling/reconstructions  and custom volume metric analysis of various anatomy including FEVAR/BEVAR, AAA, TAA, TAVR/TAVI,  hearts, mitral valves, carotid artery, Circle of Willis, livers, kidneys and more. We even have the ability to model and measure non contrast scans.
  • Reconstruction conversion to .stl  and .asc file formats
  • Data mining  of existing measurement database with 6 million data points /300k scans  AAA, TAA and TAVR/TAVI pre ops and post ops

At M2S, our Special Projects team does not offer “off the shelf” or “one size fits all” answers, but truly tailored solutions. We help you gain an accurate picture of your target patient population, their anatomy and measurements, which can help you to develop new products or improve existing ones more quickly, more efficiently and at a lower cost.