Clinical Trials Management Services

Innovate and improve patient care

Medical device manufacturers have several goals working in concert. You want to improve patient care by safely moving products from concept to commercialization quickly and efficiently. You want to innovate, while also containing costs.

A well-managed clinical trial with timely, accurate data gathering, data analysis and imaging services can result in quicker approval and commercialization. And speed to market can give you a significant advantage over your competition.

M2S offers nearly two decades of experience providing high quality, cost-effective clinical trial image management for device manufacturers, allowing them to streamline their clinical trials for Pilot, IDE, and post-market surveillance projects. We deliver:

  • End-to-end imaging core lab services utilizing innovative technology and unique workflows to deliver high quality data with accuracy and efficiency
  • Experienced data and project management teams that ensure the quality and integrity of your trial from beginning to end across six continents
  • Data and image management services for aortic disease device clinical trials
  • Advanced image analysis, including quantitative and qualitative measurements as well as 3D modeling



M2S replaces the uncertainties of the clinical trial with reassurance.

We provide the device manufacturer with:

  • A dedicated project manager
  • Accurate data at pre-determined frequencies throughout the trial
  • 24/7 information on imaging status available on iCTMS
  • Transparency:  Ability to review our models via our Preview platform

Simply put, there is a lot at stake in the Clinical Trial process: time, money and reputation. You can trust all three to M2S.