M2S PATHWAYS Clinical Platform

Your platform for quality improvement

As the importance – and complexity – of hospital IT has grown, M2S has been there. The rise and mandating of electronic medical records, the increased collection of data to track outcomes, the importance of outcomes as they relate to reimbursement, and on and on. And with that cascade of data collection comes the need to ensure – to guarantee – the security and privacy of that data.

Hospitals like yours recognize the need, but the questions remain: how will you integrate this technology? Is it easy to use? How will it tax your IT infrastructure?


M2S addresses all these concerns. Our PATHWAYS data collection, reporting and analysis platform is a web-based SaaS system. It requires nothing from your infrastructure. It is HIPAA-compliant, which includes robust encryption.

PATHWAYS offers you:

  • Cloud-based, SaaS platform offering 100% data capture with options for data integration
  • Requires no software to install so no impact to IT departments
  • Is HIPAA compliant and Patient Safety Rule compliant for PSOs
  • Real-time reporting and analytics for 100% of your cases

Robust data collection (not merely sampling), reporting and analysis. Absolute privacy and security. Zero strain on your IT infrastructure. M2S addresses the most pressing concerns of today’s – and tomorrow’s – hospital IT departments. Ready to learn more? Contact M2S today!