Healthcare Providers

Easy to access, reliable data

As a healthcare professional, you need reliable data and easy access to high quality imaging to build a case based on best practice, one that can improve your clinical and financial outcomes.

We believe that better data leads to better decisions and better outcomes. And better outcomes will lead to higher reimbursement in the world of value-based care and, ultimately, to improved patient care.

The ability to collect data and compare results locally, regionally and nationally through detailed registry data has been proven to lead to reduced length of stay, fewer patient complications and reduced costs over time.  The M2S PATHWAYS platform and analytics give you the tools to understand the outcomes, such as:

  • Physician-level and center-level variation reports for peer review and sharing
  • Flexible and powerful analytics for your own analyses, including across health systems
  • Follow-up reporting with life tables to demonstrate longitudinal impact.

This represents measurable value and return on investment.


Our technology solutions don’t end there. Our proprietary Preview service delivers an interactive 3D model and measurements for your cardiovascular case planning needs, originally developed to aid the most complex AAA and TAA cases. And our secure, proprietary PEMS data and SurveillAAAnce service allow you to easily follow your patients over time.

Precise initial measurements and modeling, and detailed clinical registry data for monitoring and improving standards of care well into the future… these are the building blocks of improved quality improvement, and M2S offers them like no other company can.