Device Manufacturers

Improve patient outcomes

As a medical technology provider, you have innovations in various stages of development, from feasibility to approved products in the market.  You have resources focused on next generation products and clinical trials, as well as research teams focused on the unmet needs of the market.

You also know how expensive the development process has become, the time it takes to recruit hospitals and patients for clinical trials and post-approval studies, and the mountain of data required to establish the efficacy of your technology.

Webinar Recording: Leveraging Real World Evidence Using the Vascular Quality Initiative 

It is your job to steer that technology or therapy through each stage of development, ensuring a process that is expedient, cost effective, and clinically successful.


Most importantly, the end result of this process must be a device that improves patient outcomes.  M2S can help:

  • Our M2S PATHWAYS system helps device manufacturers to understand outcomes of different device therapies
  • Clinical Trials Services, including Core Lab, and PEMS measurement data monitor outcomes of trials, including high quality imaging.
  • Our PEMS database also informs marketing and R&D in the earlier stages of device development.

M2S delivers experience, a true understanding of the product development process, and a database so vast and detailed that it gives you tremendous flexibility to design new studies or provide robust mining and tailoring of existing data.